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The HC08 is a low-cost, Flash-based, 8-bit microcontroller family offered by Freescale, formerly known as Motorola Semiconductor. The various family members have all kinds of integrated peripherals, are in-system programmable and have an extended HC05-based von-Neumann architecture. Latest addition are the advanced HCS08 chips, providing even more features, including low-voltage operation.

There are several reasons why the HC08 and HCS08 become more and more popular. During my work as a microcontroller consultant, I heard of many interesting information, links and resources for the HC08 microcontrollers - and finally started to collect and publish it on this web site.

So, if you find some valuable information about HC08 and HCS08 microcontrollers, have made an HC08 project yourself or if you're a vendor of commercial HC08 stuff - let me & the community know!

Happy HC08ing! Oliver Thamm
mailto: othc08web.de

Premium Contents on HC08Web.de:

...from the Ranch:

Links to HC08 Resources on Freescale Servers
Freescale (formerly Motorola) manufactures a huge amount of silicon - you'll find out if you ever search Freescale's web resources for a specific information! Actually, I have given up to update my deep links, because they seem to change continously. So, find out yourself, starting at: ...engineer's chat room:
Mailing Lists and Newsgroups
While other manufacturers host large community-driven interactive systems on their websites, Motorola has decided to close their own HC08 mailing list in May 2002. It has been a nice forum for years, thanks to all users who have participated so actively. Now, there is only a Yahoo group dedicated to HC05 and HC08 issues. Some poeple like it - some do not.

The following Internet Mailing Lists discuss HC08 topics. BTW: it's a good idea to read the messages on the list for a while to learn how the Mailing List subscribers communicate, before posting your own messages or questions.

Mailing List operated by: Motorola ImageCraft Software Yahoo Groups
Administration email address of the list server: n/a icc-mot-request@imagecraft.com -
Administration Web interface of the list server: n/a http://www.dragonsgate.net
Subscribe to the mailing list: n/a icc-mot-request@imagecraft.com
Cancel subscription to the mailing list: n/a icc-mot-request@imagecraft.com
Email address for your postings and replys to the list: n/a icc-mot@imagecraft.com 68HC05_08@yahoogroups.com

To take part in a Mailing Liste you first must subscribe to the Maling List. To do so, just send an Email to the address of the List Server containing the message body "subscribe..." (see above). The Email's Topic line can be left empty - it has no meaning to the List Server.

Always use the right address: Commands (such as "subscribe" or "unsubscribe") go to the Address of the List Server. Messages always go to the Address of the List!

After your subscription to a specific Mailing List, the List Server usually sends a subscription confirmation. This message should be saved, because it also contains advice how to leave the Mailing List if required.

Currently there aren't any Newsgroups specifically dedicated to HC08 microcontrollers.

...value for free:

Shareware and Free Software for the HC08
E The universal Makroassembler AS from Alfred Arnold also supports HC05/HC08
E Pony Monitor for HC08 Motorola Microcontrollers by Larry M. Bateman
This is a very helpful tool for HC08 development - open source (GNU GPL)!
E Software from ASPiSYS includes a free HC08 assembler
E SDCC-M08 is an alternative HC08 port of the Small Device C Compiler (SDCC)
E SPGMR08 is a M68HC908 Programmer Utility for Linux
E Serial monitor to access and modify memory content of 68HC08 chips (C-source/Linux)
E Helium a minimalistic real-time scheduler for the S08 core

...check that out:

Code Examples (Assembly language and C)
E Hello, world for the HC908GP32 (HC08 Welcome Kit), assembly language
E Blink demo for the HC908GP32 (HC08 Welcome Kit), assembly language
E Blink demo (C) same as before, but this is C Source Code

...interesting stuff:

HC08 Community: Projects, Links, Resources
E The HC08 Support Site by Mario Becroft (Software SCI with the TIM etc.)
E Another important Web Resource for Embedded Developers is eg3.com
D Bernd Laquai beschreibt Schritt für Schritt die Inbetriebnahme eines HC08 Evaluation Boards (HC08 Welcome Kit)
E Gunn Systems Inc offer the HC08-based GSI-2 hardware controller and related programming software. What's so special? All design files (both hardware and software) are freely available!
D Ziel des Open-Micro Projektes von Dietmar Harlos ist ein einfach zu programmierender, robuster, zu C-Control/Micro kompatibler Controller. Umfangreiches Projekt!

...reading cultivates the mind:

Articles published in Magazines or Online
E Rene Trenado, Gerald Kupris:
How to connect microcontrollers to the Internet
ECE May 2001 p. 17f.
E Ryan Crouch, Bill Lucas, Ken Berringer:
Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Control: made easy with Motorola’s 68HC908MR32
Published on motorcontrol.com

...more to read:

Books on the HC08
D Harald Kreidl, Gerald Kupris, Peter Dilger:
68HC08 Mikrocontroller erfolgreich anwenden - Architektur, Software, Tools und Anwendungen
Franzis' 2000, 450 Seiten, CD-ROM, 128,- DM
F Vincent le Mieux:
L'USB pour tous - including several USB projects with the MC68HC908JB8
September 2004, detailed info on author's homepage

...what money can buy:

Commercial HC08 Development Tools: Compilers, Debuggers, Emulators...
E ICC08 - HC08 ANSI-C Cross-Compiler with Windows IDE by ImageCraft
D ICC08 - Information in German
F Made in France: COSMIC C for 68HC08 - Cosmic Software is one of the HC08 C-Compiler pioneers. The compiler is said to be rock solid, so it only depends on your budget...
E Cosmic's US office (for those not so familiar with French :-)
D COSMIC@Elektronikladen - German info
D Metrowerks CodeWarrior for HC08 - C/C++/compactC++ Compiler, Debugger, Simulator, IDE
E Several HC08 Products come from P&E Microcomputer Systems
E SofTec Microsystems - Italien supplier of development tools for HC08 and HCS08
E Byte Craft Limited - C cross compilers and software development tools from Canada

...hands-on hardware:

HC08 Evaluation Boards, Controller Modules and Single Board Computers
D HC08 Welcome Kit - Low cost Starter Kit with the HC908GP32 by Elektronikladen
E HC08 Welcome Kit - same as above but in English
D USB08 - 68HC908JB8 USB Evaluation Board
E USB08 - same information, another language (English!)
E HC08 DALI Reference Design Kit - implementation of the Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface with MC68HC908KX8
E HC08 RKE Reference Design Kit shows how to design a Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) system using a MC68HC908RF2
D Jan Freitag Elektronik und Systeme - HC08 Evaluation Boards, Monitor Mode Debugging and Programming Tools
E Axiom Manufacturing - Demo and Eval Boards with HC08 and HCS08

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